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Beth Ruyle Biography

Beth Ruyle Biography
Beth Ruyle is a partner in Ruyle Hullinger and Associates. She brings her many years of past experience working on programs and projects in the area of municipal management, economic development, governmental relations and planning. Ms Ruyle during her career has provided municipal services to over 100 cities in Illinois. She works with municipalities to find practical solutions to their problems.

Prior to joining Ruyle Hullinger and Associates, Beth was an Executive Vice President of Ehlers and Associates, Inc. a governmental financial and economic development consulting firm. Beth joined Ehlers and Associates in 1999. She was a member of the Illinois municipal team that undertook debt financing including special assessment and Special Service Area bonds. She has also developed and assisted communities in implementing Five-Year Financial Plans as well as Key Financial Strategies.

In the area of economic development she assisted communities in all aspects of Tax Increment Financing and Business Districts from development of the district to an analysis of developer proposals to TIF reporting.

In addition, Beth provides special services to communities. Her role, as the former Director of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (a Council of Governments) for twenty-one years, provided a multi disciplinary set of knowledge and experience that allows her to address municipal problems in a number of areas and on a comprehensive basis. In this capacity she developed self insurance programs for property, casualty and health; a joint drug testing program; a regional bond bank; a regional IRB bank; training programs in personnel, finance, public works, collective bargaining, communications, and quality improvement; and planning programs in transportation, solid waste, and stromwater to name a few. She also oversaw a legislative program for the Southern Suburbs. Her job has been to understand programs and help municipalities develop and adapt to those programs.

Beth has a B.A. in English from the University of Florida and a Masters of Arts in Public Administration from the University of Georgia. Her numerous awards and recognitions include several Urban Innovations Awards as well as that of being one of the “100 Most Influential Women in Chicago” in Crain’s Chicago Business.


Congressional Record / Resolutions

Congressional Record

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Mr. WELLER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
honor Ms. Elizabeth (Beth) S. Ruyle for her 21
years of service and dedication as executive
director for the South Suburban Mayors and
Managers Association (SSMMA).

Ms. Ruyle became the executive director of
South Suburban Mayors and Managers in
June 1978. South Suburban Mayors and Man-
agers is a council of government which in-
cludes 38 municipalities in South Suburban
Cook and Eastern Will Counties. Through
Beth’s hard work, many of the communities’
goals have been realized. These goals include
the development of regional planning pro-
grams in transportation, solid waste, flood
management, and housing. Twenty municipali-
ties now have an intergovernmental self insur-
ance pool for property and casualty. Twelve
municipalities can now boast they have an
intergovernmental self insurance pool for em-
ployee benefits. All thirty-eight municipalities
can now rely on fire, police, and public works
mutual aid agreements in times of emergency.
Under the direction of Ms. Ruyle, the SSMMA
was one of the first entities to establish a
multimunicipal bond bank which now has $50
million in assets.

Before coming to work at the SSMMA, Beth
and her husband, Craig Hullinger, lived in At-
lanta, GA where she had the position of gov-
ernmental relations coordinator for the Atlanta
Regional Commission. Beth completed her un-
dergraduate studies at the University of Flor-
ida in 1968. In 1975, She received her M.P.A.
graduate degree from the University of Geor-

Beth has won several Urban Innovations
awards during her career such as an award
for Employee Assistance Program, an award
for South Suburban Drug Enforcement Pro-
gram, and a reward for Cost Savings/Revenue
Enhancement. In January 1996, Beth was list-
ed in ‘‘Crain’s Chicago Business’’ as one of
the ‘‘100 Most Influential Women In Chicago’’.
Beth Ruyle’s commitment and impact on her
community is not only deserving of congres-
sional recognition, but should serve as a
model for others to follow.

At a time when our Nation’s leaders are
asking the people of this country to make
serving their community a core value of citi-
zenship, honoring Beth Ruyle is both timely
and appropriate.


State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

State of Illinois
91st General Assembly



 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, It has come to our attention that Beth Ruyle has
 3    announced her resignation as Executive Director of the  South
 4    Suburban  Mayors  and  Managers Association after 21 years of
 5    service; and

 6        WHEREAS, Her resignation is effective  January  1,  2000;
 7    and

 8        WHEREAS,  She  has  had many accomplishments as Executive
 9    Director, including her dedication to  fight  for  the  third
10    regional airport in the South Suburbs; and

11        WHEREAS,  Beth  Ruyle  is  well  respected throughout the
12    Metropolitan Chicago area; and

13        WHEREAS,  She  is  affiliated  with  the  Illinois   City
14    Management    Association,    the   Metro   City   Management
15    Association, the Metropolitan Planning Council, the Chiefs of
16    Police of the Southern Suburbs, the Urban Innovations Project
17    Advisory Council, the Chicago Southland Chamber of  Commerce,
18    and the Cook County Census Committee; and

19        WHEREAS,  She has received numerous awards, including the
20    Urban Innovations Award for Employee Assistance Program,  the
21    South   Suburban  Drug  Enforcement  Program,  and  Honorable
22    Mention in Urban Innovations by the Municipal Bond Bank; and

23        WHEREAS, Ms. Ruyle will be joining the firm of Ehlers and
24    Associates, a financial consulting firm; therefore, be it

27    we congratulate Beth Ruyle on  her  numerous  accomplishments
28    and  achievements as Executive Director of the South Suburban
29    Mayors and Managers Association and extend our best wishes to
30    her in her future with  Ehlers  and  Associates;  and  be  it
                            -2-                LRB9109643CBcb
 1    further

 2        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
 3    presented to Beth Ruyle as an expression of our esteem.

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